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Welcome to Dayhome Connections
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Thank You for Visiting DayHome Connections. This website was designed by a Provider who was noticing how frustrated families were getting trying to find a Day Home in their area, especially if they were from out-of-town and moving to another city or location. Her goal is to provide a site that is both easy and enjoyable so that both Families and Providers can connect from across the City or from all over Canada.


Dayhome Connections is one of the easiest directories I have ever used. Moving to a different City is hard enough when you don't know the City or have many friends there but trying to find a quality Dayhome, well that's even more difficult. Using the Dayhome Finder made my search fast and easy, I had interviews set up with potential dayhomes the day I arrived. I'd highly recommend Dayhome Connections to anyone.

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