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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


What is a Free listing?

How do I list my Dayhome?

  • Click on ‘Add a Dayhome’ on the top or the ‘Provider’s’ box.  Check and see if your Dayhome is already listed in our Database, read disclaimer and click.  If you are new, Add new Dayhome. Fill in the form and hit ‘next’. Fill in info about your dayhome and hit ‘submit’. You can now edit your dayhome, add pictures, promote ect.

Why upgrade my listing?

  • When you upgrade your listing, you are placed up on the top of the ‘ All Day homes’ listing, have a listing on the ‘Featured Dayhomes’ and also listed on Goggle Map. This will give you more visibility and more people to your Dayhome. (Recommended).

Why do I need to register if I’m a provider?

  • To be able to list your dayhome and access your account to make changes or up-grade your dayhome and to view any reviews on your dayhome.

Why do I need to register if I’m a parent?

  • To take advantage of other resources available. Registering is free but not necessary to take advantage of the Day Home Connections directory.

How do I find a Day Home in my area or near my work?

  • In the Advance Search Bar, Enter your starting postal code or address on line A (with city) and your work (or ending ) postal code or address (with city) on line B and all registered Day Homes on that route will pop up on the Map. You can streamline or expand your search by using the KM side bar.

How do I contact the Day Home?

  • Each listing has the Provider’s email and/or phone number. Simply click on the email and contact through your usual email. Give them a call or send them a text or email.

What do I ask after I make contact with a Provider?

How do I upgrade my listing?

How do I pay?

  • You can pay with your PayPal account or Email Transfer. You must setup an account with your bank payable to for an email transfer.


There are three different kinds of potential child care, Day Care Centers, Approved Day Home and Private Day Homes. On this site we will be promoting Private Day homes but we have included all types as well as nannies and babysitters.


What is Day Care/Child Care?

Day care or child care is care of a child during the day by a person other than the child’s legal guardian, typically performed by someone outside the child’s immediate family. Day care is typically an ongoing service during specified periods, such as parents hours of work. Some provinces have very stringent quality standards that requires family day homes to be licensed while others require little or no regulations for childcare in individuals homes.


What is a Day Care Center?

Means a day care operation with (13) thirteen or more persons in attendance at any (1) one time. Some centers have up to (200) two hundred children in attendance. Your child will be placed in a room with others the same age, if at any time the ratios of children to caregivers change, your child might be moved to another room. Your child could have more than (1) one care giver in any given day. Day Care centers must be licensed with the province and post this license in the center at all times. Some Day Care centers are accredited with the province which gives the center added credibility this also allows them to charge more. Parents enrolled in a Day Care center are also eligible for subsidies.


What is an Approved Day Home?

Approved day homes are residences that have been screened and approved by an agency in their province.

Approved day homes agencies train, recruit, approve, support and monitor day homes. Most have strict guidelines that the day homes must abide to including monthly, unannounced visits. There is an monthly service charge for this service over and above the provider’s rates. Approved day homes can offer subsidies.


What is a Private Day Home?

Private day homes can be operated by a single individual out of their home. This could be a stay-at-home mom who is looking to supplement her income while caring for her own child/children. There are many Day Home providers who have chosen this field as a profession. Provincial legalities regulate the number and ages of children per family Day Home. Family child care may be less expensive than Child Care centers because of lower overhead expenses. Many family Day Home providers may be certified with the same credentials as center based staff but decide to run their business privately. The main difference between Day Cares, Day Home agencies and Private Day Homes is that private day homes (in many provinces) can not give subsidies. With a Family Day Home, it is up to the individual parent to ask questions regarding safety, qualifications, criminal records, etc. Sample questions can be found using the Child Care Checklist and the Telephone Interview Planner.


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City of Calgary land Use Bylaw-Home Based Child Care Class 2


You will need to read and accept the following disclaimer before listing your business.


By accepting this disclaimer I am attesting to the validity of the information I submit to this site as to being true and valid; that I am a family home child care facility and that I will upon request by the parent, provide references, insurance or other pertinent information. INDIVIDUALS ADVERTISING HERE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR UNDERSTANDING AND PROVIDING ANY INFORMATION REQUIRED BY LAW IN THEIR PROVINCE TO BE IN THE ADVERTISEMENT. THIS INCLUDES BUT IS NOT LIMITED TO REGISTRATION MEMBERS AND/OR LICENCE NUMBERS. Dayhome Connections AND ANYONE ELSE INVOLVED WITH THE MANAGEMENT OF THIS SITE ASSUMES NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE ADVERTISER’S ADHERENCE TO THE LAWS OF THEIR PROVINCE REGARDING THE ADVERTISING OF THEIR BUSINESS OR FACILITY. Dayhome Connections and anyone else involved with the management of this site are not responsible for any activities or interactions that may occur based on the information listed on this site.

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