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A CHILD CARE CHECKLIST ( Day Home Checklist for Parents)


This checklist is designed to help you screen caregivers. Read through this list before visiting a Day Home for ideas about what to look for and questions to ask. This list is not intended to be comprehensive – it is a sample of the main areas to evaluate.


Think about what is important to you and your child… let these be your guide. You may want to highlight questions that are of particular concern to you. Ideally, you should be able to schedule two or more visits with potential caregivers. Information can be gathered through observation as well as by talking to the caregiver. Feel free to ask questions – you are interviewing the caregiver for a very important job. 


Shorten your list by starting with the telephone interview.
 Telephone interview-planner


Rememberyou need to do a complete screening and reference check of all caregivers. Day Home Connections does not do that for you – we are here to offer resources, information and support. Our members choose whether they take advantage of this service or not.


Here are a list of word docs or pdfs you can download or open:


Comprehensive list of Questions:

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Family Dayhome Standards:..

How to Open your own Dayhome:


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City of Calgary land Use Bylaw-Home Based Child Care Class 2


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..Unlicensed Dayhomes – Interview with CBC