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About Us

Day Home Connections was developed because of a need that was seen by Charmaine, a mother & provider for over 24 years, for a site that was an easy way for parents to connect with Providers in the area that they would be moving to no matter if it was across town or across the country.

IMG_1021Charmaine has a Business degree but decided that she would stay home and raise her daughter but would like to enjoy some extra income and give her daughter some playmates. Coming from a long list of caregivers in her family (Mother was a provider, Sister is a Director of a Day Care and many cousins are foster families) She decided to take on some children into her home. She started with an agency and learned all the rules and regulations of running a licensed day home, she also learned all the cons of being with an agency and after 6 years, she decided to open as a private day home.

There are many pros of being affiliated with an agency and also cons. It’s up to each individual to decide which is better for them. This site is designed mostly for the (non-licensed) private day home’s. Many run by the same rules and regulations, they just can not (in many provinces) give subsidies. They also don’t charge an agency fee.

It’s our mission to provide a directory with a list of every day home in Canada and give quality private Day Homes a place to connect with families looking for a high standard of childcare.

Day Home Connections provides Canadian families with one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to find a qualified day home or daycare in your area whether it’s across town or across the country.

We are striving to be the best Day Home directory in Canada and to provide families with resource information on every aspect of Childcare with many useful links.


There are three different kinds of potential child care, Day Care Centers, Approved Day Home and Private Day Homes. On this site we will be promoting Private Day homes but we have included all types as well as nannies and babysitters.


What is Day Care/Child Care?

Day care or child care is care of a child during the day by a person other than the child’s legal guardian, typically performed by someone outside the child’s immediate family. Day care/Child care is typically an ongoing service during specified periods, such as parents hours of work. Some provinces have very stringent quality standards that requires family day homes to be licensed while others require little or no regulations for childcare in individuals homes.


With our easy and helpful ..Day Home finder you will be connected with the click of a mouse, to all Day homes registered with us within your selected area.