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1. Advertise actual dayhome openings Рa Free/basic listing with no dayhome openings will likely not receive as much interest from the parents then a dayhome that is promoted with openings advertised. When you list your dayhome with us, you will have the ability to promote your spaces as part of your dayhome ad. NOTE: dayhome openings will only be displayed when you  promote your dayhome through your account.

2. Manage your dayhome’s description – by providing a description for your daycare, you can dramatically increase your chances of getting parents to call your dayhome. You can describe your dayhome’s philosophy and emphasize the key points that make your dayhome stand out from the competition. Here are some helpful tips on ..creating a successful online dayhome ad. You may want to skim through this article before creating your online ad on Dayhome Connections.

3. List your dayhome’s features – if your dayhome offers subsidy, a large fenced yard with a play structure, or other important features, you can make them available to parents, thus further increasing your chances of filling your dayhome spots.

4. Add pictures to your dayhome ad¬†– photographs are a great way to showcase your dayhome to your prospective clients. You’ve done a lot of work decorating the rooms, setting up the back yard, buying furniture and setting up your program; now’s the time to benefit from your hard work.

5. Promote your dayhome to the top of the listings in your city – when you register and promote your dayhome on Dayhome Connections you effectively place your dayhome at the top of the listings in your city. When your dayhome shows up as a featured listing, you have a better chance of getting parents to call.

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